Monday, March 9, 2020

Photo Post: The Old Rite in a New Place

At Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, the Dominican Friars of the Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary have just celebrated the Dominican Rite for the first time since the Dominican Rite was abandoned in favor of the Roman Ordinary Form by the Order.

This Solemn High Mass, fittingly, was the Mass of St. Thomas Aquinas on his traditional feast day of March 7th, January 28th being the old feast of the translation of his relics, now the universal feast, so that his feast would fall outside of Lent in the Ordinary Form.

The celebrant was Fr. Thomas Azzi, OP, assisted by Fr. Christopher Dowd, OP as deacon, and Fr. Robert Krishna, OP as subdeacon.

The Dominican Church at Monash University

The altar is prepared

The ministers process toward the entrance

The procession arrives at the altar

Officium and Kyrie

The subdeacon prepares to bring the sacred vessels

The subdeacon pours the wine and water, after asking for the priest's blessing ("Benedicite")

Fr. Azzi, OP, preaching on the Universal Doctor

Incensing the altar

Incensing the ministers

Sanctus candles are lit

The priest blesses the host right before Consecration at the word "benedixit"
Elevation of the Host

Elevation of the Chalice

Unde et memores

The deacon offers the Pax to be kissed.

Absolution at Second Confiteor.

Purification of Vessels is finished

Postcommunion Prayer

Final blessing

An excellent turnout!
We thank Mr. Nicholas Morlin for sharing these pictures with us.


Dickson Leong said...

In correction of the first photo, the church is not actually part of Monash University. The church is St. Dominic's in Camberwell, Melbourne, under the care of the Dominicans, whose provincial priory is attached to the church.

In Monash University, Clayton Campus, a Dominican Rite Missa Cantata is also celebrated every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm during university terms.

Anonymous said...

Also by way of correction, this was not the first time the Dominican Rite had been celebrated in this church since the Order adopted the Roman Rite. It was celebrated here at least twice prior to the Mass shown here; one of these was a nuptial Mass. Martin Wallace OP (Prior)