Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dominican Rite Calendar for A.D. 2023 Now Available


We are pleased to announce that the Dominican Rite Calendar for A.D. 2023 is now available for download on the Left Sidebar.

This calendar also lists all feasts proper to the United States as they were in 1962 was well as all added since then. Appendices are provided giving the local feasts in all dioceses of the United States where Dominican friars have houses, as well as for Toronto, Canada, and Mexicali, Mexico, where the Western Dominican Province has friars in residence. 

 We would be happy to add other foreign dioceses where the Western Province has friars if one of those friars sends us a list of the local feasts and their proper rank.

Finally, there is an appendix with all the minor blesseds, celebrated only within their original provinces. These may also be celebrated elsewhere for pastoral need, as votive Masses.