Friday, July 15, 2011

Dominican Rite Mass Bulk Discounts

The sales of Dominican Rite Mass, a pew booklet for congregational use at Dominican Rite Masses, presenting the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin and English in parallel columns, has been so successful that Dominican Liturgy Publications has decided to offer discounts on bulk orders thanks to terms offered by the books-on-demand printing service.

If your congregation or group is interested in ordering more than 50 copies of the Dominican Rite Mass booklets, instructions for placing bulk orders may be found at this link.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Matins Music for the Dominican Rite

Holgar Peter Sandhofe (Gerolitus Ammosaulicus) was a master typesetter of chant and the producer of many electronic editions once distributed on, which is now off line. Among his work are an editions of the following:

Matins Ferial Psalms with Antiphons (Pre-Pius X Psalter--1909 Breviary)
Matins Ferial Psalms with Antiphons (Post-Pius X Psalter--1962 Breviary)
Matins of Advent
Matins for the Commons of Saints
Festival Office of St. Martin de Porres
Invitatory Antiphons and Psalms for all Sundays
Gospel Canticles of Lauds and Vespers in the 8 Tones
Prolix Responsory Cycle for Ferial Weekdays
Ordinary of the Dominican Office
Appendix of New Chants for the Graduale (post-1962)

Downloadable files of all this music is now available on the left sidebar.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dominican Liturgy's Catholic Blog "Rating"

It was with some interest that I heard that Mr. Eric Sammons, a Catholic blogger himself, does an annual rating of Catholic Blogs by the number of subscribers (which is different from the number of visits because the same person who visits a blog many, many times a day is still only one reader). He tracks the over 2,000 blogs registered in the Catholic Blog Directory.

It was with some surprise that I found Dominican Liturgy to be in his "Top 200" at number 188! I am pleased that there are enough people interested in Dominican liturgy to put us well into the top 10% of Catholic blogs. So I thank our faithful readers for their support and hope, with the expansion of our editorial board to three friars, to serve you ever better.