Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Matins Music for the Dominican Rite

Holgar Peter Sandhofe (Gerolitus Ammosaulicus) was a master typesetter of chant and the producer of many electronic editions once distributed on nocturnale.de, which is now off line. Among his work are an editions of the following:

Matins Ferial Psalms with Antiphons (Pre-Pius X Psalter--1909 Breviary)
Matins Ferial Psalms with Antiphons (Post-Pius X Psalter--1962 Breviary)
Matins of Advent
Matins for the Commons of Saints
Festival Office of St. Martin de Porres
Invitatory Antiphons and Psalms for all Sundays
Gospel Canticles of Lauds and Vespers in the 8 Tones
Prolix Responsory Cycle for Ferial Weekdays
Ordinary of the Dominican Office
Appendix of New Chants for the Graduale (post-1962)

Downloadable files of all this music is now available on the left sidebar.


Rubricarius said...

Did you by any chance come across an edition for the Roman rite for pre-1911 Mattins and Lauds?

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear "Rubricarius,"

H. P. Sandhofe did not undertake such a project, as far as I can tell. But I am certain that Roman Antiphonals with the music for all of Matins were produced before 1911, esp. in the 19th century and earlier. I find on WorldCat (http://www.worldcat.org/) 184 entries for "Antiphonarium Romanum."

Go to WorldCat, run that search and look through the results. When you find the edition that is best for you, WorldCat will locate the nearest library with a copy for you. Or your local library should be able to get it for you on interlibrary loan.

Good luck.

Rubricarius said...

Thank you Fr. Augustine.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

A short follow up. A quick scan of those older Antiphonals shows that with one exception none have the ferial psalms. Because by the 18th century already the sanctoral had over-ridden every ferial except Ash Wednesday and virtually all the Sundays after Pentecost.

The exception is the Ratisbon Antiphonarium of 1893, which supposedly had two volumes for Matins. But no copy of those volumes seems to exist in any US library. I wonder if they were ever printed.

So it seems that there is no edition of the Pre-Pius X ferial Psalter.

Rubricarius said...

Fr. Augustine,

The 'Day Hours' Ratisbon edition of the Antiphonarium certainly exists although it is very rare. Unfortunately I missed a copy by £5 recently when one was auctioned (with two copies of the Gradual) and so was not too pleased. My instinct is to doubt they actually published editions for Mattins.

I will venture to the British Library where there are some eighteenth century editions of the Psalterium Romanum.

Most nineteenth century copies of the Antiphonarium don't have the ferial antiphons (except for use as commemorations) for as you say the Calendar was indeed 'saturated' at the time.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

On the Ratisbon edition. I know that the Diurnal is rare. Supposedly there are two other volumes with the Nocturnal. But they are not only rare, I cannot find reference to a copy of these two anywhere.