Sunday, October 15, 2023

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2024 Now Available

Greetings, readers!  This is just to let you know that the Dominican Rite Calendar for 2024 is now available for download on our left side bar or directly here.

This calendar is specifically prepared for those saying Mass in the traditional Dominican Rite in the United States, and even more specifically in the Western Dominican Province. As such, however, it includes, in an appendix, feasts for Canada (Archdiocese of Toronto) and Mexico (Diocese of Mexicali) because Western Dominican Friars serve in those places, as well as for all other US dioceses where they serve.  I have also included in the appendix information for all dioceses where other American provinces have houses.

I would be happy to include local information for other dioceses where American friars are serving other than the ones provided for, if that information were sent to me. For each case I need: First, if the posting is outside the US, a list of all the national feasts and their dates there as they were in 1962 and any added since with approval of Rome. Then I need, for the particular place, the titular of the Cathedral, consecration date of the Cathedral, patron(s) of the diocese, name and installation date of the bishop, and any other feasts and dates on the local calendar in 1962, or added since.  I cannot make additions without all this information, as I know you will understand.

You will also note that I have included the saints' days of Dominican saints (with ranks adjusted for the traditional rite) for saints and blesseds since 1962. You are free to use that information as you will. These feasts are current according to the most recent version of the General Calendar of the Order approved by Rome (2019). A list of "minor" Dominican blesseds approved only for local use comes last.

Finally, in your kindness, if you find any errors in this calendar, do let me know and I will correct them and put up the corrected PDF for download.

God bless you all!