Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fr. Joseph P. Kenny, O.P., RIP

I received news today that Fr. Joseph P. Kenny, 77, a missionary to Africa for nearly 50 years and a well-known online promoter of Dominican Chant, died of cancer on January 28, 2013 in Washington DC. A native of Chicago, Fr. Kenney left for Nigeria at the request of the Holy See for a resource person knowledgeable in Arabic and Islam, since there was a need for greater understanding and peace between  Christian and Muslim communities of that country.

After working in northern Nigeria, he taught subjects on Islamic philosophy and theology for 22 years at the University of Ibadan, where he served as Chairman of the Department of Religious Studies. He also helped develop the Dominican Institute in Ibadan, where he taught courses on philosophy, theology, and communications for hundreds of lay students and seminarians.

Sadly, Fr. Kenney's music site, linked on the left sidebar, seems to have gone off line.  His contribution to the promotion of our music will be greatly missed.  Please keep this fine priest musician and missionary in your prayers.


Geremia said...

He has an excellent online collection of St. Thomas's writings, many of them bilingual (Latin-English).

Requiescat in pace.

Unknown said...

The funeral mass will be tomorrow, Saturday, at the House of Studies in DC.

It looks like Fr. Kenny's music site is back on-line. Do you know who will maintain the site going forward?

T. Faulders said...

Requiescat in pacem. Fr. Kenney is an excellent role model for Dominicans, scholars, missionaries and teachers. May the angel of peace lead him to the Lord's Kingdom.

Innocent Okechukwu said...

Fr joseph kenny do rest in peace. How I wish anyone would inherit all your educational/intellectual prowesses. How I loved you fr joseph kenny.

Thérèse Bonin said...

Fr Kenny’s site has disappeared again, but while preparing an update of my Aquinas bibliography (, I’ve found the part on the liturgy of Corpus Christi mirrored at

Geremia said...

@Thérèse Bonin: Thank you for your excellent Aquinas in English bibliography.

I've mirrored Fr. Kenny's bilingual Aquinas site here.

Peniel said...

The site is live on:

There is a link there: Thomas Aquinas in English

The Chant is also live on the site:

Joseph Kenny OP: Liturgy of the Hours and Mass

This is gladdening!

Peniel Momoh.