Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Dominican Liturgical Texts

Readers may now found on the left sidebar links for downloading the following Latin liturgical texts issued by the Liturgical Commission of the Dominican Order in 2006:

Ritus Professionis: the new rite for Dominican professions, vestition with the habit, etc.

Ordo Unctionis Infirmorum: the new rites for Dominican practice in administering Anointing of the Sick and pastoral care of the sick.

Ordo Exsequiarum: the new rites for Dominican funerals and prayers for the dead.

Draft translations into English may be found at the site of the Australian Dominican Province.

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Geremia said...

Is Cæremoniale juxta ritum S. Ordinis Prædicatorum by Fr. Alexandre-Vincent Jandel (1869) a pre-Vatican II version of Professionis Ritus O.P. (Rome 2006)? Are there other pre-Vatican II versions available online?