Monday, October 14, 2013

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2014 with Additions and Corrections

I am pleased to be able to make available on the left sidebar the corrected and expanded text of the Dominican Rite Calendar for 2014.  The readers who sent corrections and help have my profound thanks.  Not only have some minor errors been corrected but the a number of commemorations, in particular of ferials in Advent and Lent have been included.

There are now also lists of the particular feasts for the dioceses of San Bernardino  CA, Las Vegas NV, and Mexicali in Mexico, where our Western Dominican Province has houses.  The last of these doceses will interest more than just those living in Mexicali, as the list includes all feasts proper to all of Mexico, of which there are a large number.  And they would also serve for the traditional Roman Rite.

Again, thanks to all the readers that helped with this.


Joshua said...

I seem to recall that in the modern Calendar in Mexico (certainly in Spain) that the Feast of Christ the Priest is observed on Thursday after Pentecost. I assume that, if that Feast was introduced before the liturgical reforms, it would have instead been celebrated on the Octave Day of Corpus Christi (since Pentecost still had an Octave then). Since you insert (with an asterisk) feasts of saints introduced since 1962, have you considered the Feast of Christ the Priest (the Votive Mass of which is already in the Missal)?

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear Joshua,

I have added this feast; I don't know how it got dropped since I originally had it on the list. It does present problem as to the day that I do not know how to solve--as it is overridden by the Thursday of Pentecost Octave. It was a Votive Mass of the third class for use on Thursdays. It was only made a regular feast in 1970: so it was always on the Thursday after Pentecost. If it had been assigned a date before 1970, I would have used that date, as I do for all pre-1970 saints and blesseds.

Also, to the other helpful commenter I have corrected the two typos where "S." was used instead of "B."