Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dominican Rite Mass in Anchorage AK

I am delighted to announce that beginning on December 6. 2008, Mass according to the Dominican Rite will be celebrated every First Saturday of the Month at noon in the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Anchorage, Alaska. This initiative has been undertaken with the full support of His Excellency, Roger Schwietz, Archbishop of Anchorage, as well as that of the Rector of the Cathedral, Fr. Francis Hung Le, O.P. The Prior Provincial of the Western Dominican Province, Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P., has granted permission for celebration under the terms of the Rescript of 1969.

The first celebrant of the Mass will be Fr. Vincent Kelber, O.P., the associate pastor, who is already well known for his service to the Latin Mass Community in Anchorage . A picture of him vested to celebrate the Mass decorates this posting. The diocesan newpaper, The Catholic Anchor, ran a very well done story on this development in their recent edition. I urge all our readers to read it. It is over all a model of objective and informative reporting. And readers should also note that in order to make these Masses more fruitful to the faithful, the Holy Family Cathedral is offering a Latin class for the Liturgy on Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m., in Holy Family Education Center.

This means that in the Western Dominican Province the traditional Dominican Rite is now regularly available in four places. The others being Holy Rosary Church, Portland OR; St. Francis Xavier Mission, Toledo WA; and San Buenaventura Mission, Ventura CA. Regularly scheduled Masses are also soon to be instituted at Blessed Sacrament Church, Seattle WA (watch the parish website for announcements). Click on the links for contract information to get specifics. As I played a very, very small role in helping prepare Fr. Vincent to celebrate our Rite, this announcement gratifies me very much.


Anonymous said...

Dear Father, thank you so much for publishing this at your blog.

I am sure this also will be a inspiration for the dominicans in my country, Brazil!

Father Vicent - whose ordination I could go by God's providence- is know as a priest who has a special love for the Sacred Liturgy and I am sure he will do a service please to God!

Thank you,

Julie Maria

Anonymous said...

Father you or friends of yours might be interested in this Dominican Rite Missal:


Anonymous said...

Father, I have noticed in many photographs that Dominicans do not wear albs at mass (their rosaries and scapulars are apparent under the chasuble). Is this no longer obligatory? -- Nick

Anonymous said...

When will the training be for the Western Province of the Dominicans? When and Where? And will it be open to the laypeople who want to learn and understand it?

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

I know of no dispensation for friars not to wear an alb (and amice). You might ask those who do not, perhaps they know of one.

The plans for training mentioned in the letter will be announced when they are finalized.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Thompson,

We just completed our fourth Dominican low Mass, December 1, 2008, at St. Francis Xavier, near Toledo, WA., thanks to Fr. Anthony Patalano. I've been trying to find a "button" to attach some photos of that Mass for your site but can't find one. (I'm technologically challenged) Copy and paste doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


Mail the pictures to me with a summary of the event and I will post them. As with nearly all blogs only the owner can put up a posting.

Unknown said...

Father, I would like to ask you a great favor: I need you to delete this commentary and the first commentary I did as Julie Maria (on the top of the page) for personal and serius reasons. Thank you and God bless

Julie Maria

Unknown said...

Dear Father, many times the exterior does not reflect the interior. Let's pray for those who celebrate the Tradicional Rite may have a correct moral life and a profound spiritual life.

What we see in the exterior may be not the truth.

Thank you and your blessing

Luis Vicente P. C. Judice from Brazil