Friday, December 19, 2014

1967 Dominican Rite English Breviary (vol. 2) Available for Download

It has been called to attention the the second volume of the English translation of the Breviary according to the Rite of the Order of Preachers, published by order of fr. Aniceto Fernandez, O.P., translated by the Irish Dominican Sisters (Dublin: St. Saviour's, 1967) has been made available online by Corpus Christi Watershead, in four PDF files.

I have also made these files available on the left side bar, here at Dominican Liturgy.  Please note, however, that the download for these files may be slow on some computers.  They are large.  Let us hope that this wonderful resource will soon be followed by files for volume 1. 

I also remind readers that since this edition was translated after Sacrosanctum Concilium, 89 (1963), it lacks the Office of Prime.  That office is available in English as part of the Dominican Rite Ordo for 2015, published by Dominican Liturgy Publications.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A Solemn High Mass according to the Dominican Rite was celebrated by the friars of Holy Rosary Church in Portland, Oregon--a ministry of the Western Dominican Province (Most Holy Name of Jesus).

The celebrant was Fr. Stephen Maria Lopez, O.P., Prior of the Dominican community.  Fr. Vincent M. Kelber, O.P., Pastor, and Br. Andrew Dominic Yang, O.P., served as deacon and subdeacon, respectively.  The homily was preached by Fr. Dismas Sayre, O.P., parochial vicar of the parish.

Music was sung by Cantores in Ecclesia under the direction of Blake Applegate: Mass for Four Voices by William Byrd, Ave Maria by Josquin de Prez, and the Gregorian Chant Propers.

Kissing the Pax tablet

Elevation of the Host

For more photos from the Mass, visit our parish Facebook page.  The next Dominican Rite Mass at Holy Rosary Church will be on Christmas Day at 11:00 AM.    

Friday, December 5, 2014

Dominican Ordo for 2015 Available

I am pleased to announce the publication of the 2015 Ordo for the 1962 Dominican Rite Breviary.  It is the creation of the proprietor of Breviarium S. O. P. blogspot.

This ordo includes a complete calendar of the Dominican Rite liturgical year for 2015. In addition, it includes the collects for the Dominican blesseds who are not on the Dominican general calendar (so that a votive commemoration can be made of their feast), obits of the deceased Masters General, and announcements of days when Lay Dominicans (Dominican Tertiaries) can obtain plenary indulgences.

Finally, it contains an English translation of the Office of Prime, which was omitted from the 1967 English translation of the Dominican Breviary.

It may be ordered from Dominican Liturgy Publications.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dominican Rite Solemn Mass,. Oakland CA

The High Altar of St. Albert' Priory
I pleased to let our readers know that the Dominican student brothers of the Western Dominican Province will be singing and serving a Dominican Rite Solemn Mass for the First Saturday devotion of December.  The celebrant and preacher will be Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P., assistant professor of philosophy at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley CA. The deacon will be Fr. Ambrose Sigman, O.P., parochial vicar of St. Raymond of Peñafort Church in Palo Alto CA, and the subdeacon will be Bro. Christopher Wetzel, O.P.

The Mass will be celebrated at Saint Albert the Great Priory Chapel, 6172 Chabot Road, Oakland CA, 94618, on December 6, at 10:00 a.m..  Confessions for the First Saturday Devotion will be heard from 9:30 until 9:50; recitation of the Marian Rosary will immediately follow it. Visitors and guests are welcome; pew booklets with the text of Mass in Latin and English will be provided.

Those driving to the Mass may park in the Tennis Court Parking Lot next to the chapel.  St. Albert the Great Priory is three blocks from the Rockridge BART station, just go north three blocks to Chabot Road, turn right and walk half a block and you will see the chapel on your right.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dominican Chants in Honor of Our Lady

I am pleased to announce that the brothers of the Province of St. Joseph have released a new recording of Dominican Chant.  It is the complete Mass of the Immaculate Conception, and other Marian chants including those of Compline (very rich in our Rite).

If you are a lover of chant, or your choir intends to sing the Dominican music for the up-coming feast, this is for you.  It also makes an excellent Christmas gift.

You can hear samples and order here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2015

I am pleased to announce tht the Dominican Rite Liturgical Calendar for 2015 is now available for free download on the left side-bar here at Dominican Liturgy  This calendar gives the feasts to be celebrated according to the 1962 calendar, which, as the Master reminded the Order of Preachers at the General Chapter of Trogir (2013), is to be followed when using the traditional Dominican Rite. It also includes on their proper days all Dominican saints and blesseds added to the calendar since 1965, the last printing of the Dominican Rite Missal.

As this calendar was created for the Western Dominican Province, it also includes (with a note that to that effect) saints on the United States calendar, and, in a supplement, the particular feasts of the dioceses where Western Dominican Province friars serve.  Finally there is a list of feasts of Dominican blesseds who were left to their particular provinces to celebrate.  They may be celebrated on their days by a votive Mass  or Office.

If any of our readers notice any problem or error in this calendar, I ask them to contact me about it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Dominican Rite Mass in Rome

This news for readers living in Rome or visiting there while traveling.

Fr. Pius Pietrzyk, O.P., informs me that the traditional Dominican Rite Mass is now celebrated weekly at the Roman basilica of San Clemente, on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.  Note, however, that there will be no Mass on Saturday, December 27.

San Clemente has spectacular mosaics (see image to right) and the excavations under it include what is believed to be the House Church of St. Clemente (1st century). San Clemente, home of the Irish Dominicans in Rome, is located at Via Labicana, 95, just up from the Colosseum toward the Lateran.

The Mass schedule for San Clemente can always be checked here.  I also remind readers that the next Dominican Rite Mass in the Bay Area will be at St. Albert the Great Priory, December 6, at 10 a.m.  This will be the Mass for the monthy First Saturday devotion, and the plans are for a Solemn Mass.