Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dominican Rite Holy Week Missal (1960) Reprinted.

Dominican Liturgy Publications is pleased to announce that the Ordo Hebdomadæ Sanctæ iuxta Ritum Ordinis Prædicatorum for the Dominican Rite, published in 1960, is now available in reprint. This volume is actually a complete Holy Week Missal for the traditional Dominican Rite. All musical texts needed by the priest and deacon for the solemn service are included, except the music for the Passions.  The three deacons singing the Passion on Palm Sunday (Matthew), Holy Week Tuesday (Mark), Holy Week Wednesday (Luke) and Good Friday (John) will each need a copy of the Cantus Passionis, also published by Dominican Liturgy Publications.

This Missal includes the Solemn Liturgy of the Passion for Good Friday and the reformed Easter Vigil. Those celebrating the Dominican Rite according to the rubrics of 1962 should use this book rather than the Missal of 1933.

It incorporates all the changes and reforms of Holy Week instituted during the reforms of the 1950s. The text is in full color with red rubrics. The volume is a photographic reproduction of the original using high-quality scans and is hardback (casebound). Purchasers should, however, check the preview to make sure they are satisfied with the quality before ordering. This volume does not include ribbons or Missal tabs; purchasers will have to provide these for themselves.

If you order this Missal now, you should have no trouble having it arrive well before Palm Sunday (April 14), the first Mass included in it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dominican Rite Missa Cantata, March 9, Oakland CA

This is a reminder that that a Dominican Rite Missa Cantata for the delayed First Saturday observance of this month will be celebrated on March 9 at St. Albert the Great Priory, Oakland CA.  The Mass will begin at 10:30 a.m. The celebrant and preacher will be Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, O.P., professor of theology at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley CA.

The music and servers will be provided by the student friars of the Western Dominican ProvinceThe St. Albert the Great Priory Chapel is located at 6170 Chabot Road, Oakland, CA 94618, with ample parking available on the street or the basketball-court parking lot.

The next Dominican Rite Mass will occur on April 6, at the usual place and time.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dominican Rite Candlemas Photopost

On February 2, the Purification of the Blessed Virgin, commonly called Candlemas, a Dominican Rite Solemn Mass, the blessing and procession of candles, was celebrated at St. Albert the Great Priory in Oakland CA, the house of studies of the Western Dominican Province. Our new prior provincial, the Most Reverend Christopher Fadok, O.P., assisted and received the friars' candle-offering. Some of the sixty or so faithful who attended came from as far away as Fresno and Fullerton!

The celebrant was Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P., professor of history at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley CA; deacon was Fr. Christopher Wetzel, O.P., parochial vicar of St. Dominic's Church SF; subdeacon was Bro. Joseph Selinger, O.P.; first acolyte, Bro. Nathaniel Maria Mayne, O.P.; second acolyte, Bro. Matthew Heynen, O.P.; thurifer and holy water carrier, Bro. John Peter Anderson; crucifer and pax-bearer, Bro. Paul Maria Müllner, O.P.  The music from the Dominican Gradual was lead by the cantors, Bro. Patrick Rooney, O.P. and Bro. Elias Guadalupe Ford, O.P.

Highlights of the Mass follow.

Blessing of the Candles
The Provincial Receives his Candle
The Laity Receive their Candles

The Procession Enters the Cloister Garden Led by the Holy Water Carrier
Statue of Our Holy Father Dominic in the Cloister Garden

Some of the Laity Following the Procession

The Station Altar for the Procession

The Mappula is Placed on the Minsters' Laps as they Sit for the Kyrie

Intoning the Gloria

Subdeacon Arrives at the Altar during the Procession with the Chalice during the Gloria

The Singing of the Collect

Subdeacon Sings the Reading from Sirach

Preparation of the Chalice during the Responsorium (Gradual)

Deacon Sings the Gospel (Seen from North Passage Way)

Singing of the Creed

Et incarnatus est.

The Prior Provincial Receives the Friars' Candle Offering after the Offertory

Incensing of the Altar after the Offertory and Candle Offering

Bowing for the Gratias agamus

Incensing of the Minsters during the Preface

The Elevation of the Host

The Elevation of the Chalice

The Ministers Kiss the Pax Instrument

The First Cantor Kisses the Pax

Ecce Agnus Dei

Communion of the Friars

Communion of the Congregation


Deacon and Subdeacon Put the Corporal and Chalice in Order

Swinging for the Postcommunion Prayer

The Blessing

Swinging for the Last Gospel

Et verbum caro factum est

Recessional Procession

I thank Bro. Joshua Gatus, O.P., for these lovely photographs.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Traditional Dominican Rite Compline with Music Reprinted

This Completorii Libellus iuxta Ritum Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum of 1957 was the last publication of Dominican Rite Compline with all the Dominican Gregorian music. It was published at the order of Master General Michael Browne. Dominican Liturgy Publications has now produced a reprint edition  of this book.

Those using this book according to the 1962 rubrics need only sing the entire antiphon at the beginning as well as the end of each psalm or canticle. This book is paperback, has red rubrics and generous gutter margins, making it inexpensive and suitable for personal use. Although it is a photographic reprint the quality is quite good, but you should check the preview before ordering.  A hardback version for choir use is planned.

If you are looking for Compline according to the modern Liturgy of the Hours, with approved Dominican elements, also in Dominican chant, you should go here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dominican Rite Ordo for 2019 Available

I am pleased to announce that through the courtesy of Breviarium S.O.P. a Dominican Rite Ordo for 2019 is now available at Dominican Liturgy Publications. This Ordo is intended for use by anyone who prays the 1962 Dominican Rite Breviary. It includes a complete calendar for the Dominican Rite liturgical year for 2019.

In addition, it includes the collect prayers for the Dominican blesseds who are not on the Dominican general calendar (so that a votive commemoration can be made of their feast), obits of the deceased Masters General, and announcements of days when Dominican Tertiaries (Lay Dominicans) can obtain plenary indulgences.

Finally, it contains an English translation of the Office of Prime, which was omitted from the 1967 English translation of the Dominican Breviary. This edition also includes prayers for the coming General Chapter in Vietnam and those for the 15 Tuesdays devotion to St. Dominic.

I also remind readers that a simple Dominican Rite calendar for 2019 is available on our left side bar.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dominican Rite Matins Music Republished

I am pleased to announce that the Matutinum; seu, Antiphonarium S. Ord. Praed. pro Nocturnis Horis Majorum Solemnitatum has been republished by Dominican Liturgy Publications.

This small hardback book contains the Dominican Chant music for Matins of the major solemnities of the year.  It is a photographic reprint of the original, which was published at the order of the Master General Stanisllaus Gillet, O.P., in 1939.  It does not contain the music for Lauds or the day offices. These are found in the Antiphonarium S.O.P. published in 1933, which can be downloaded in PDF on the left sidebar.

Those interested in purchasing this book should first check the preview to make sure the quality of the reproduction meets their needs.  To order click here.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

First Saturday Dominican Rite Mass, December 2, Oakland CA

This is a reminder that that a Dominican Rite Missa Cantata for the First Saturday observance of the month of December will be celebrated on December 2 at St. Albert the Great Priory, Oakland CA.  The Mass will begin at 10:30 a.m. The celebrant and preacher will be Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, O.P., professor of theology at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley CA.

The music and servers will be provided by the student friars of the Western Dominican ProvinceThe St. Albert the Great Priory Chapel is located at 6170 Chabot Road, Oakland, CA 94618, with ample parking available on the street or the basketball-court parking lot.

The next Dominican Rite Mass will occur, after the January academic recess, on February 2. It will be the Mass of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin. Blessing of Candles and a procession through the cloister is being planned for this Mass.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dominican Rite Ceremonial (1869) Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Dominican Liturgy Publications is now able to make available a paperback reprint of the Caeremoniale juxta Ritum S. Ordinis Praedicatorum, published by order of Fr. Alexandre Vincent Jandel, O.P., Master General of the Dominican Order, in 1869. It was the last ceremonial published for the Dominican Rite. It is reprinted in a convenient pocketbook-size format.

When celebrating Dominican Rite liturgy, this volume should be used in conjunction with the revised rubrics of the Breviary and Missal as current in 1962. This older book gives detailed instructions for many processions and other ceremonies in addition to those of the Mass and Office. It also supplies instructions that are lacking in more modern books.

The volume is also useful for historical studies, as it also includes abrogated medieval rubrics along with the legislation that changed them, for example, use of yellow vestments for Confessors, something dropped even before the Council of Trent.

Purchasers should note that is a photographic reprint from scans of the original printing, which is itself a bit muddy. We have tried to clean up these scans as much as possible, but they are still imperfect, and the “gutter” is a bit tight. So purchasers should carefully check the preview to see if the quality is sufficient for their needs.

Readers may find this book and our other publications here.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dominican Little Office of the BVM and Other Prayers for LayTertiaries

I have often been asked, especially by members of the Dominican Laity (Third Order) where they could get a book with the texts of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary as it was in 1962. I assume that the reason for this is that they were interested in using that text in private recitation of their Office as allowed under the norms of Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae.

Through the kindness of one of our readers I can now make available a volume printed by the Order in 1962 of which I was ignorant.  In that year the Dominican General Curia in Rome published the Dominican Prayer Book, fourth edition.  It not only has the Little Office in Latin and English in parallel columns, but also sections of music, devotional prayers, litanies, the Office of the Dead, Penitential Psalms, and so forth. Many of these are also in Latin-English parallel columns. POTENTIAL PURCHASERS SHOULD NOT THAT BECAUSE THEY WERE LACKING IN THE PDF SUPPLIED TO ME PAGES 166 TO 267, PRAYERS TO DOMINICAN SAINTS ARE LACKING IN THIS REPRINT.

This volume was intended especially for the members of the "Dominican Third Order Secular"  (Laity) and the "Dominican Third Order Regular (Active Sisters), but I think it would also be welcomed by our friars and cloistered nuns.

Copies are available for purchase at Dominican Liturgy Publications. Although the scans are good, I urge those interested to view the preview first and decide if the quality meets your needs.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Rule of Dominican Laity and Priestly Fraternities in Print

I am pleased to announce that the Rule of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic, often referred to as the "Dominican Laity" or "Dominican Third Order," and the Rule of the Priestly Fraternities of Saint Dominic are now available in noble hardback editions suitable for use in profession ceremonies.  These hardback versions retail at $14.95.

These editions contain the official Latin text of the Rules and the official English translation on facing pages. We have also made available paperback versions of the two rules for private consultation and study.  They are economically priced at $6.95.

These books may be purchased at Dominican Liturgy Publications. They are the first four titles on the purchase page.  I ask readers who know members of the Dominican Laity or priests in the Priestly Fraternities to let them know about these publications.