Saturday, November 28, 2020

Answer Key for Scanlon & Scanlon's Latin Grammar Available

Greetings to our readers who are interested in learning Ecclesiastical Latin. There are many books out to help you learn Ecclesiastical Latin but most require an instructor or tutor. Many seminarians, priests, and lay people want to learn Latin but do not have a readily available instructor. In my years of teaching Latin, I am convinced that the best book for liturgical Latin remains Cora and Charles Scanlon’s Latin Grammar for Reading the Missal and Breviary, first published in 1944 by B. Herder Book Co., and still in print from TAN Books.

The one problem with this book is that there was no available full Answer Key.  I am happy to announce that we have now published one for all the exercises of every lesson. You may order copies of this Key from Dominican Liturgy Publications, which also has available many other resources for the Dominican Rite and the Latin liturgy.

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