Thursday, August 2, 2012

Domincian Rite Calendar Now Available for Download


As readers know, I make available for download on the left sidebar the Dominican Rite Calendar for each liturgical year.  As some people have asked for copies of the plain Calendar itself, without the current year's movable feasts and Sundays inserted, I have now made it available for download above the yearly calendars. See the link under the heading "Dominican Rite Texts -- Downloadable" on the left sidebar.

This calendar is based on the reformed calendar published in the Analecta S. Ordinis Praedicatorum, Dec., 1960. Minor corrections and additions have been made using the calendar published in the 1962 edition of the Breviarium Ordinis Praedicatorum.  So this now represents Dominican usage in 1962.   I have also added all Dominican saints canonized since 1962, on their traditional dates if already blessed in 1962, and on their current dates if beatified after 1962.

Saints peculiar to the Calendar of the United States are listed in brackets, again on their traditional dates if blessed before 1962, and on their current dates for after 1962. Those U.S. saints instituted after 1962 are given the rank of III class, if obligatory memorials, and the rank of memoria (an extra collect), if ranked as optional memorials or if they are obligatory memorials in conflict with a III class feast of the Dominican calendar. Those United States feasts marked with an asterisk (*) postdate the 1962 calendar and are included should a user wish to celebrate them--strictly speaking, they are not properly of the 1962 calendar. A supplement includes saints and other celebrations particular to all the dioceses where the Western Dominican Province has houses.

I have not included any saints placed on the Roman General Calendar since 1962, because such additions to our Calendar required a request by the Order to the Sacred Congregation of Rites (now of Divine Worship) and no such petitions have been made.  It is possible, of course, to celebrate any saint or blessed in the Roman Martyrology (2004) or on any particular calendar as a Votive Mass or Votive Office, so those wishing to commemorate newly canonized saints may avail themselves of this option, but they should be aware that as third-class votives, such commemorations cannot replace a second- or first-class feast--you would have to celebrate the votive of such saints on another day.  If there is already a third-class feast on the day, then the new saint should normally not replace that feast, but rather be commemorated by an additional collect as a memoria.  For pastoral need, however, a third-class votive could replace a third-class feast should there be a good reason.

I thank all those who have in the past sent me notice of typos and errors they have noticed.


The Ubiquitous said...

Happy feast of St. Dominic!

T. Faulders said...

Salve. Thank you for your excellent set of resources.

Today, February 1, is the feast day of Blessed Reginald of Orleans.

Maybe it should go on the calendar. Thanks.