Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dominican Rite Solemn Mass at Blackfriars, Oxford

Thought the kindness of Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P., and the editor of New Liturgical Movement, Mr. Shawn Tribe, the following photographs of the recent Dominican Rite Solemn Mass, taken by Dr. Joseph Shaw, more of whose photos may be seen by clicking on his name. These republished here for our readers.

The Mass was celebrated at the Dominican House of Studies of the English Province, Blackfriars, Oxford, as part of the annual Latin Mass Society pilgrimage in honor of Oxford's Catholic martyrs. The celebrant was Fr. Richard Conrad, O.P., the deacon Fr. Thomas Crean O.P., and subdeacon Br. Gregory Pearson O.P.

The first photo shows the prayers at the foot of the altar. As this Mass was a 1st class solemnity, you will notice that the servers are wearing albs, not surplices.

The ministers swing to the side for the Kyrie and Gloria:

The server washes the deacon's hands in preparation of his unfolding of the corporal (during the singing of the Epistle):

The subdeacon takes the chalice, covered by the humeral veil, to the sedilla for preparation of the wine and water (during the chanting of the Gradual):

Preparation of the chalice:

The ministers are in the cross formation before the altar, waiting for the deacon to retrieve the Book of Gospels from the altar for the procession to the lectern. The presence of the processional cross at the Gospel shows that this Mass was of a 1st class feast. The deacon is getting his blessing from the priest at the sedilla:

Proclamation of the Gospel:

The beginning of the Roman Canon:

The Elevation; note the deacon incensing:

The Dominican cruciform of the priest's arms after the consecration:

The subdeacon presents the pax instrument to the crucifer to kiss. He will then take it to the assembled friars in their stalls.

My thanks to all those involved in this Mass for making this post possible.

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