Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dominican Libellus Precum Available On-Line

I have been asked many times about collections of Dominican prayers and devotions in Latin. So it may please readers to know that the Libellus Precum ad Usum Fratrum Ordinis Praedicatorum ["Booklet of Prayers for Use by the Friars of the Order of Preachers"], has been made available on-line for down-load in PDF format on our left sidebar or here.

This small prayerbook contains the Latin texts of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin in its Dominican Rite form, the Daily Office of the Dead, and many other prayers and devotions popular in the Dominican Order. It also contains special Dominican forms for blessings, including that of the Rosary, as well as the daily Examination of Conscience and the Thanksgiving after Communion. The first edition was produced in 1911 and the last in 1957. This is the edition printed under the Master of the Order Fr. Emmanuel Suarez, O.P., in 1952.

A new version of the Libellus was created and published in 1983 as part of the Proprium Ordinis Praedicatorum, which adapted chants and texts of the traditional Dominican Rite for use with the new Roman Liturgia Horarum. Sadly this section of the Proprium was never published independently.

I know of no translation of the Libellus Precum. Should anyone do one, I would happy to post it for download. I think my collaborator Bro. Corwin Low, O.P., for providing this excellent quality scan.


kired said...

Thanks, this is great!

John said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure there was an English-Latin edition published by the Order's Curia in Rome. It was called simply "Dominican Prayer Book." I don't have access to a copy right now, but I'm almost positive it's based on this Libellus Precum.

M. Alessandra Agostini said...

I'm very interested in looking at that book because S.Francesca Romana was used to read l'Ufficio della Madonna and I think it was this book, in Latin, of course.