Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dominican Little Office of the BVM and Other Prayers for LayTertiaries

I have often been asked, especially by members of the Dominican Laity (Third Order) where they could get a book with the texts of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary as it was in 1962. I assume that the reason for this is that they were interested in using that text in private recitation of their Office as allowed under the norms of Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae.

Through the kindness of one of our readers I can now make available a volume printed by the Order in 1962 of which I was ignorant.  In that year the Dominican General Curia in Rome published the Dominican Prayer Book, fourth edition.  It not only has the Little Office in Latin and English in parallel columns, but also sections of music, devotional prayers, litanies, the Office of the Dead, Penitential Psalms, and so forth. Many of these are also in Latin-English parallel columns. POTENTIAL PURCHASERS SHOULD NOT THAT BECAUSE THEY WERE LACKING IN THE PDF SUPPLIED TO ME PAGES 166 TO 267, PRAYERS TO DOMINICAN SAINTS ARE LACKING IN THIS REPRINT.

This volume was intended especially for the members of the "Dominican Third Order Secular"  (Laity) and the "Dominican Third Order Regular (Active Sisters), but I think it would also be welcomed by our friars and cloistered nuns.

Copies are available for purchase at Dominican Liturgy Publications. Although the scans are good, I urge those interested to view the preview first and decide if the quality meets your needs.


Francis Carmelle T. Duero said...

Hello, Father! Please make this book available online, i.e. freely downloadable. This will be of great help to our spiritual life. ordering the book is too expensive for me, given that I'm from the Philippines. It will cost me 4 thousand pesos! Please father, make this free to download. Thanks and God bless!

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear Mr. Duero,

I am sorry, but no longer has a file download function. I will see about whether it is possible to make an eBook for this text.

Benjamin Ekman said...

Perhaps of interest: here's a similar prayer book for tertiaries, including the little office, published in Denmark in 1938, which I found in the library of the Dominican brothers in Lund, Sweden:

Francis Carmelle Duero said...

Thank you, father. Praying this becomes freely available.