Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Domincian Rite 1939 MIssal Reprinted

A piece of happy news has come to my attention.  A hard-working friar of St. Vincent Ferrer Priory in New York City has gotten out a reprint of the 1939 Dominican Rite Altar Missale.  This Missal is in smaller format than the large 1933 and 1965 Altar versions, as it was intended for travel.  Use of it still requires updating the calendar to 1962 (download this on the left-sidebar of there at Dominican Liturgy), and use of the 1961 revised rubrics for collects as well as a couple other rubrical items, but it is eminently usable and in print!

A friar who uses it tell me that since the paper is thicker than that used in the original printing, so users will probably want to get a book-cover, e.g. one for a large Bible, so that lies flat.  I believe it also needs ribbons and tabs.  You can purchase it at Amazon or at many other used-book sites on the web.


Geremia said...

@Colm: Here's a scan of it from Dominikanie.pl: Missale S. Ordinis Praedicatorum

Malachi said...

Is the Buy Dominican Rite Liturgical Books page still current?

Fr. Augustine Thompson O.P. said...

Dear Malachi,

Yes, the current posting---one remaining copy of the 1930 Breviary vol. 1---is correct. When it is sold, the page will come down.

Contact me by email if you want to buy it and I will hold it for you. Ordering instructions are found on the page.

Malachi said...

Have all the broken sets been sold?

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear Malachi,

As I said, there remains one volume 1 of the 1930 Dominican Breviary. It is number 8 on the inventory. If you want it, email me to that effect and follow the directions here: http://dominican-liturgy.blogspot.com/search/label/Buy%20Liturgical%20Books

Gary Castro said...

Purchased this from Amazon, more to have on the shelf as a study/reference manual since will probably never see use of it as there are no Dominican chapels or even priests nearby. Only one I knew of serving as a vicar at a diocesan parish but thoroughly uninterested in traditional liturgy when I asked him about Dominican liturgy.

First Impressions:
1) Strange that most of the solemn and ferial prefaces with musical notation are in the back with only St. Thomas Aquinas and the Sacred Heart in the middle with tones with all the rest being the text only prefaces. Was Low Mass that predominant?

2) Same with the fixed commemorations by season. I noticed the text will say to reference the Sunday of Lent (with the page number) while would seem more convenient to use them in the back with a tab. Do you know what was commonly used?

3) Prefaces are referenced by the first words of the proper text rather than the title. Ex. Instead of "Prefatio In Quadresmia" as "Prefatio Qui corporali jejunio."

3) No rubrics on the pages of the Canon (or much throughout the text at all, really) though it has an interesting section in front. Quite the contrast with the 1948 Benziger Missale Romanum (1962 had far less rubrics throughout the text on seasonal changes, etc, though was page for page identical on the Canon).

Going to add tabs and ribbons...

For tab placement, would it follow the standard schema of the Roman Missal (starting at the bottom for the Canon and then going up through each consecutive page and then tabs on the fixed commemorations and one at the beginning of the section for the various commemorations?

Then I'd be thinking 6 ribbons (Temporal, Sanctoral, Preface, Common of Saints, Votive, and one spare).