Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dominican Rite Calendar for 2017 REVISED VERSION

I have made some corrections in the Dominican Rite Calendar for 2017 and this revised version is now available on the left sidebar here at Dominican Liturgy.  You can now download it at the link called "Dominican Rite Calendar 2017."  Or down load it directly here.  The major change is the addition of memory of the American blessed Francis Xavier Seelos on October 5.  I have also added information to make it easier to find the ferials in the missal.

This calendar gives the Mass to be said on each day of the year, cross references for the 1933, 1939, and 1965 Missals when the feast is on another day according to the 1962 calendar, and, in Italics, any extra collects that should be said at Mass, Lauds, and Vespers.

At the end there is also a supplement with the local feasts for all dioceses where there are houses of the Western Dominican Province, as well as that for Washington D.C. The calendar itself includes particular feasts of the United States in brackets. Optional local Dominican blesseds are listed at the end of the Calendar with an indication of the provinces where they would be  used.  Finally,  Dominican saints canonized and placed on the Order's Calendar by a General Chapter since 1965 are included in the calendar with references to where suitable commons may be found in the Missal.

Should you notice any errors, please let me know in the combox below.  Should members of any other Dominican province wish to compile the local feasts for their houses using the same style and format I have used, send them to me and I will add an appendix for that province.  My email is found here at at Dominican Liturgy on the left sidebar near the top, just across from this post..


Alan said...

Thank you.

Dominican Tertiary said...

Dear Father...as I read the rubrics, the Vigil of Christmas outranks the IV Sunday of Advent. Also, at least in the breviary rubrics, the following is to occur. On Saturday, it is 1st Vespers of the IV Sunday of Advent. On Sunday, the Vigil is celebrated (with some exceptions regarding the psalms and antiphons at Matins) and there is no commemoration made of the IV Sunday of Advent.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear Dominican Tertiary,

You are correct. I had only consulted the instructions in my 1939 Dominican Missal, where only the Conventual Mass in choro is of the Vigil and all others are of the Sunday with a commemoration of the Vigil.

The instructions of 1960, found in the 1965 Missal at the Fourth Advent Sunday Mass, say all Masses are of the vigil and there is no commemoration of the Sunday. I have corrected the calendar.